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Some of my Teachers and Primary Influences

Physicist and interdisciplinarian Brian Greene elegantly describes the intersection between the cosmos and the human experience via
his masterful grasp on both physics and language.  

Drs. Stephen Porges and  Gabor Mate discuss the connections between adverse life experiences,  addiction, dysregulation, and emotional disconnection. 

Dr. Diane Poole Heller discusses the implications of attachment and attachment style on our intimate relationships, and how to become securely attached.

Resmaa Menakem discusses somatic abolitionism and the imperative for all humans to develop anti-racist practices to build equanimity in culture.

Dr. Andrew Huberman describes the neuroscience of stress and anxiety and  offers brain and life hacks to help manage these challenges. 

Dr. Stephen Porges discusses the poloyval nervous system and the intersections between physiology, psychology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology to explain the human need for social connection.

Dr. Daniel Siegel introduces
interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), the unified theory that describes  how the brainneural connections inform interpersonal connection. 

Terry Real  sheds light on how the prescribed roles inherent to the historical model of relationship (the water we swim in) inhibit intimacy, and how we can deepen connection in our partnerships.

Frank Ostaseski speaks about the honestly of finding the rest in the middle of things.

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