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Holly Davis Borrero AAMFT Clinical Fellow
A Journey Begins Holly Davis Borrero

A Journey Begins.

Counseling | Coaching | Consulting
Meet Holly

Meet Holly

Meet Holly

I believe in both therapy and the power of human resilience to support learning, growth, and positive change through adversity. My focus on resilience invites clients to utilize and develop their own internal strengths. As they begin to resolve conflict, improve communication, address challenges in their relationships, and reduce symptoms like anxiety and depression, many of my clients heal emotional and ancestral trauma, relieve angst, find hope, and ultimately flourish. Living a good life and maintaining healthy relationships is not a given, and it's not easy – it requires work. In session we aim to increase awareness, establish goals, release old patterns, deepen connections, build effective communication skills, foster self-esteem, and cope with the pain of grief and loss. 

Holly Davis Borrero MS, LMFT, LPCC, LMHC

Grounded in evidence-based methods, my work draws from cognitive science, interpersonal neurobiology, structural family systems, attachment theory, and somatic experiencing to help individuals, families, and couples develop their awareness toward connection, and to cultivate self-regulation skills to cope with the multiplicity of life's challenges. Where appropriate, I utilize DBT, somatic, Relational Life Therapy (RLT), Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused, PACT, narrative, mindfulness-based and strategic interventions in my practice to support client healing. I am also deeply inspired by non-duality and the discoveries made through self-inquiry, as well as by the wisdom of the mind-body connection, particularly as it pertains to relational neurobiology.

In addition to  my experience with individuals couples and families, I have a strong background working with adolescents to reduce academic anxiety and increase resilience and success by employing learning theory, neuroplasticity, and skills-building. My many years at the Sky Center in Santa Fe, NM as an advanced-studies intern, clinician, and community educator also provided me with essential knowledge, necessary experience, and practical skills to treat, address, and present

on the behaviors correlated to suicide risk, including academic and social challenges, depression, intergenerational trauma, and familial conflict.  My experience in the healthcare field extends back 30+ years, to the 12-years I worked in hospice, having been at the bedside of  of many dying humans, along with their beloveds. 

My hope is that my supportive, non-judgmental, warm, and direct approach to treatment will allow you (your partner, family, and children) to feel welcome, understood, and safe to speak about the issues impacting your lives and relationships.  My goal is to help support my clients discover and experience their own eudaimonia.  


Presently, I am studying and particularly interested in understanding the complexities of the meta-crisis, and am participating in a network of thinkers who are exploring reasonable pathways for thoughtfully and humanely navigating the consequences of modernity.   



Systems-based Counseling

 Couple, Marriage, and Family counseling. Attachment healing , and wiring connection through interpersonal neurobiology.

Individual Counseling

Self-discovery,  trauma-healing, skills for self-regulation, Improved  communication, identifying needs, exploring career changes, etc..


Clinical supervision for associate-level counselors, and social work  graduate students.

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Counseling for Mental and Healthcare Professionals

Mental health care  and support for other mental and healthcare professionals

Adolescent Academic Support

Study habit optimization, writing coach, and time management for college-bound and first- and second-year college students.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise


I view individual therapy as a collaboration between me and my clients; in session, I aim to support individuals seeking positive change and improved relationships with themselves, as well as with others. Through a process of dialogue and self-exploration, and informed by empirically validated theory and solutions including body-based somatic experiencing, clients explore how their thoughts, behavioral patterns, self-esteem,  attachment style, trauma history, strengths and vulnerabilities can and do impact mood, anxiety, relationships, and quality of life.   Homework is often assigned!

Couple & Marriage 

During my counseling education, I specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy, and am recognized as a Clinical Fellow by the AAMFT. I continuously update my education in the evidence-based Gottman Method Couples Therapy, PACT,  Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), Somatic Experiencing, and coursework on relational neurobiology. I view my role with couples as a guide and support  through the exploration of their unique patterns, histories, attachment styles, core strengths, and areas for growth. Interventions used in couples therapy intersect skills-based learning, body-based somatic experiencing, interpersonal neurobiology, and narrative  construction.  Sessions often include homework.


With families, when one member struggles, all members struggle. In family therapy, biological and/or chosen members attend therapy together to improve their relationships, deepen communication, and enhance systemic functioning. Family therapy is an active process designed to address specific issues that affect the psychological health of the family. The concerns families may seek

support for are vast, and may include:

  • coping with major life transitions;

  • increasing structure and support for children and adolescents;

  • members struggling with emotional, behavioral, or identity issues;

  • parents acquiring skills to collaborate and co-parent;

  • families feeling the impact of loss, grief and trauma;

  • siblings addressing conflict and developing closer bonds;

  • families requiring mediation;

  • feelings of acute anxiety, suicidality, or self-harm in one or more members;

  • families adapting to new interpersonal roles and shifting dynamics.

In therapy, we utilize interpersonal neurobiological modalities to connect beyond language. In family therapy sessions, I employ  evidence-based techniques and interventions and assign homework that supports conflict resolution, increased and improved communication, reduction in enmeshment, and healthy attachment.

Adolescent Academic Support & Anxiety-Reduction Coaching 

Adolescents experience anxiety at an unprecedented rate. The high-stakes/high-pressure academic expectations for high school, college-bound, and college-age  students are taking a toll on students' grades, mental and physical health, and self-esteem. I work with adolescents (sometimes with their parents) to evaluate the impact of pressures on adolescent wellbeing and life satisfaction. Guided by client input, we identify and align individual and familial values and expectations with student goals.  Founded in learning theory, and with the use of evidence-informed strategies and techniques such as body-based somatic experiencing and interpersonal neurobiology, my work supports adolescent resilience, client-centered skills-development, a reduction in student anxiety, an increase in regulation skills, and attainment of the outcomes clients seek. Such skills are foundational for coping with stressors across the lifespan.  I am also an academic writing coach for college age students.

Life is learning at every step. Life is growth. And when we make mistakes, it means we are trying. And when we are trying, we are making progress.





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Northern New Mexico &
Coastal Washington State


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